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What are the best industrial electric heaters in Pakistan?

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

This article gives you a basic understanding of an industrial heater, its importance in the manufacturing industry, and the scope of industrial heaters in Pakistan!

Before anything, we must understand:

What is an industrial electric heater element?

Why are they important

Applications & industries they serve

The manufacturing sector of Pakistan

Reasons for the struggling industrial heater industry in Pakistan

Renowned industrial heater manufacturers


What is an industrial electric heater element?

An industrial electric heater element is a device that uses the principles of conduction, convection, and radiation to produce heat using electricity. The heating element is often formed of a resistance wire, also known as Nichrome wire, and is used in many industrial applications where heat is needed, including furnaces, dryers, ovens, and many more industrial applications where heat is needed to produce the desired object.

tubular heater in pakistan
A glowing tubular heater

Why are they important:

Because they help in adjusting the temperature of manufactured goods, industrial electric heater elements are vital in the manufacturing sector. The products being created could be of low quality or even harmful if the temperature is not properly controlled.

Application & Industries they serve:

Industrial heaters are used in a variety of industries and applications.

Some common examples include:

• Manufacturing and assembly plants

• Food and beverage processing facilities

• Warehouses and distribution centers

• Laundries and dry cleaners

• Printing and paper mills

• Power plants and other industrial facilities

The manufacturing sector of Pakistan:

Pakistan is the sixth most populous nation in the world, with a population of over 207 million.

The nation's economy is diverse, with a strong agricultural industry and expanding industrial and service sectors.

For several reasons, Pakistan is a valuable market for foreign industrial firms.

First of all, the nation has a sizable population, which offers a potential clientele for goods and services. Additionally, this indicates that there is a rising need for industrial goods and services. Last but not least, the Pakistani government encourages foreign investment and has implemented some measures to draw in foreign corporations.

Pakistan has a variety of industrial sectors that offer advantages for foreign firms. The automobile, textile, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries are only a few examples.

The automotive sector is one of Pakistan's largest and most rapidly growing sectors. The country’s car manufacturing industry is currently worth around $2 billion and is expected to grow to $5 billion by 2025. There is a growing demand for cars in Pakistan, due to the increasing number of middle-class and affluent consumers.

Another significant industry in Pakistan is the textile industry. The nation has a sizable textile sector and is the fourth-largest producer of cotton in the world. A total of 3.5 million people are employed in the $13 billion textile industry. Due to the rising demand for Pakistani textiles on a global scale, the industry is expected to expand in the next years.

Another important sector in Pakistan is the pharmaceutical industry. The nation's pharmaceutical sector is expanding, and it is currently the 20th largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world. The industry has a $4 billion market value and is anticipated to expand in the upcoming years. Pakistan's competent workforce and advantageous location contribute to the rising demand for its pharmaceuticals.

The food and beverage sector is another important sector in Pakistan. The country has a large and growing food and beverage industry worth around $20 billion. The sector is expected to grow in the coming years, due to the increasing demand for Pakistani food and beverages globally.

Pakistan's manufacturing sector growing while the industry for industrial heaters is so underrepresented.

Reasons for the struggling industrial heater industry in Pakistan:

Pakistan does not have a reputed heater manufacturer for industrial heaters locally. The heaters are mostly imported from China to be resold in the market, but because of the inflation that is currently occurring and customers' inclination to demand the lowest price possible, local vendors make quality compromises that result in high costs for the manufacturing industry in terms of premature heater failure and a lack of after-sale services from the heater vendors. Second, this scope of work has been given to individuals without a formal education who lack a basic understanding of heating technology. Customers seeking high-quality industrial heaters make direct contact with producers in Europe and the US. Below are the names of a few well-known foreign heater manufacturers in Pakistan's market which are known among the industrial sector.

Renowned Industrial Heater Manufacturer

How Thermotech is the best industrial electric heaters provider in Pakistan?

Thermotech has built a solid reputation in the field of industrial heaters over the last three decades. By sourcing high-quality heaters for customers, providing after-sales services, conducting regular follow-ups, and holding in-person meetings for any project, we have been successful in building positive relationships with our clients in the aerospace, automotive, packaging, foods, textiles, petrochemical, and plastic industries. We also ensure that everything is done correctly and on time. We have a team of experts who can help our customers find the right materials for their needs. By utilizing all of our resources, including our grasp of the local market and the psychology of laypeople, we have elevated this field to a whole new level by convincing consumers that they need high-quality products to increase the efficiency of production units.

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