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Industrial Electric Heater Elements

Industrial electric heaters are devices used to generate heat in an industrial environment. These devices can be used for a variety of applications, such as heating an area, drying items, and melting materials. Thermotech is a supplier of industrial electric heaters and heating units based in Punjab, Pakistan. To provide our customers with a reliable and complete solution, we source high-quality machine heaters from all over the world. Each customer has a different need for an industrial heater, and over time, technology advances, and manufacturing demand increases. Instead of continuing to use the local standard and inferior heaters, we have consistently offered our customers alternative, cost-effective technologies. This capability sets Thermotech apart from other heater suppliers in Pakistan.


Following below are the standard and locally used names of industrial electric heaters we are supplying across Pakistan.

Air Heaters | Aluminum Heaters | Autoclave Heaters | Barrel Heaters | Blow Molding Machine Heaters | Boiler Heaters | Cartridge Heater | Cast Inn Heaters | Ceramic Band Heaters | Ceramic Heaters | Circulation Heaters | Coffee Machine Heaters | Coil Heaters | Disc Heaters | Dish Washer Heaters | Distillation Plant Heaters | Drum Heaters | Duct Heaters | Ex Type Heaters | Flexible Heaters | Food Machine Heaters | Furnace Elements | Furnace Heaters | Heating Elements | HVAC Heaters | Immersion Heaters | Infrared Heaters | Infrared Heaters | Injection Molding Machine Heaters | Jacket Heaters | Lamp Heaters | Mica Band Heaters | Oil Heaters | Oven Heaters | Pencil Heaters | Pharma Heaters | Plastic Machine Heaters | PTFE Heaters | PTC Heaters  | Pump Heaters | Quartz Tube Heaters | Ring Heaters | Rod Heaters | Roller Heaters | Rope Heaters | Round Heaters | Sauna Bath Heaters | Sic Heating Rods | Steam Heaters | Sterilizer Heaters | Strip Heaters | Swimming Pool Heaters | Titanium Heaters | Tube Heaters | Tubular Heaters | Water Heaters

Here are a few industry-standard heaters with supporting images.


Thermotech offers a wide range of immersion heaters in Pakistan. They are available in a variety of voltages, wattages, sheath materials, and lengths, and can be customised to the customer's specifications.


There are two main types of immersion heaters i.e.

  • Screw plug immersion heater

  • Flanged immersion heater

Thermotech's team is highly trained to provide the necessary sheath material and power to heat any type and viscosity of solution within the timeframe specified. In Pakistan, immersion heaters are commonly described as electric water heaters or tank heaters.

screw plug immersion heater


Ceramic band heaters are used to heat materials and maintain their temperature during subsequent processes such as extrusion, injection and blow molding. Our ceramic band heaters are available in many sizes and power levels. We offer a wide variety of standard and custom designed ceramic band heaters in Pakistan.

ceramic band heater


Thermotech offers top-notch heaters for extruders and moulding equipment in Pakistan. They can sustain operating temperatures between 300°C and 1000°C and are constructed of iron, brass, and aluminium.


The heater's distinctive design enables improved heat retention and a longer lifespan for years by using quality raw materials. Both an air and a water cooling system are included with the aluminium extruder heater. The heater can be povided in any form, size, and watt density based on customer need.

aluminium casting heater


Thermotech offers a variety of mica band heaters in Pakistan. Our mica band products are extremely durable. Band heaters come in a variety of sizes, wattages, voltages, and materials. 

Mica bands are a type of heating element that is clamped on the pipes when internal heating is required, whereas mica cup bands are enclosed inside the pipe when external heating is required. Depending on the customer demand, various types of terminals are available.

The most common names for mica band heaters are extruder heaters, barrel heaters, molding machine heaters and clamp heaters.

mica band heater


Thermotech offers a variety of mica plate heaters in Pakistan. They can be provided in customized designs i.e. mica strip heater. 

They are also known as die heaters and plate heaters in Pakistan. All die heaters are used to melt, heat or keep the material in a liquid state. A heating die heater is used for the purpose of preheating the material to be heated. A die heater is used for heating of the material in a molten state.

round mica plate heater


A type of heater that uses fins to expand its surface area is a finned tubular heater. As a result, the heater is able to efficiently transfer more heat to its surroundings.


Many uses for tubular heaters include: Drying -Heating air or other gases -Warming up liquids baking, sterilizing, annealing, curing, refining, vacuum processing, and processing of plastics. In Pakistan, they are often referred to as air heaters or chamber heaters.

fins tubular heater
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